A Week Three Celebration

The following is a guest post from Ashley Nicole.  Ashley lives and breathes writing, and it makes her happier than almost nothing else in the world.  She started to write when she was young and has always loved expressing herself in anyway that she possibly could.  She thinks that we all have a story and how it will end is up to us.  so let your creative imagination soar!



Week three is upon us. Some have kept along well with their daily word quota, others will have fallen behind a bit on certain ‘bad hair’ days, and other may have given up all together at this point. Such is week three.

Many people call this ‘dreaded week three’, and with a good reason behind it!

Writing a novel in a month is a grand task to be sure! But to put a different spin on it, how about we celebrate week three, instead of dread it?

You have put in a significant amount of effort by this point, like… a lot of effort!

You may give yourself a pat on the back, or go and do ten pushups to get that heart racing after being sedate for three weeks, haha!

Seriously though, you have done such a good job, even though at this point you may be questioning your sanity, and/or how good your story actually is. Don’t get bogged down and give up at this point, please, I beg you don’t do that! You are so close!

You know what I did in the Nanowrimo race last year, at this time? (Carrying along with the theme of celebration, this is the story!)

It was quite chilly out already, but I got myself all layered up and made the trekk to a local coffee shop. The walking time in some serious Canadian weather probably took me a good 90 minutes, but I bought the special holiday drink they had on the menu, and walked home, without taking a sip! (True confessions, I think I did have one sip)

When I got back to my place, I hurried to the kitchen to warm up my special drink, then ran back upstairs to write with my delicious treat in hand. Sure, this may not be celebratory for everyone, but let me tell you I don’t just walk a good distance in the freezing cold to get coffee for no reason! I had to celebrate.

For me, my self, my personality, my preference, my reason for living, haha… I have to celebrate!

It may sound silly to some people, but it is how I was made, I just know it.

This is exactly why you have a box of chocolates sitting next to your computer at this moment in time, right? Please say yes, haha 🙂

But really, I think that celebrating (especially at ‘this stage of the game’, as they say) is such an important part of accomplishing an amazing feat such as writing a novel in a month. The reward for being diligent, writing more and stretching yourself both as a person and as a writer should be rewarded.

So, as it is now week three, take a moment to celebrate all that you have gone through to get to where you are now. And then think of what little time is left in Nanowrimo, you are practically finished! (those who are panicking about finishing can just skip over that last sentence)

Celebration is key, so go and have a party! Sure, it doesn’t have to be a party party, (it could be) but just do something special, okay?