The Wall

The following is a guest post from Danni. She is 29 years old and lives in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta.  She has a healthy obsession with pens and stationary in general, and can often be found doing anything to get out of writing her novel, or wallowing in shame for letting herself fall behind.  She hopes to one day be the next vaguely recalled author loved by hundreds.


Love. That is the only way to describe what you feel for the novel that you started at the beginning of November. It’s amazing. The characters are dynamic, the plot is amazing, and if there’s a few typos, well, you can fix those in December.

And then, the wall.

That insurmountable structure of doubt that tells you that this is the worst novel you’ve ever written. Or maybe just the worst novel on the face of the planet. It tells you that you had no right to think you could write an entire novel – especially not in a month. And it tells you that you can’t finish. You won’t finish, and you’ll be shamed into never doing nano again.

We all face this wall. Every wrimo (in fact, every writer) faces this wall. And, don’t despair, because you will get past it!

It may not seem like it in the moment. As you’re listening to those whispered doubts, it might seem like that wall stretches further than the sky. But it doesn’t. Take a moment. Remind yourself that it’s worth it. That this is not the worst novel in the world. And keep going. You’ll make it through the month, and in the end, you’ll have a finished novel. Something you can hold up and say ‘I did that’

And if you need help, the wrimos are always there. Hit the forums or the chat and someone will be there to remind you that we’re all on this crazy journey together.

Good luck and keep writing.