Have a question? Email us at wrimotaursATgmailDOTcom. All RSVPs should be done on the relevant event post on our regional forum. Don’t forget the RSVP Guidelines!     Weekday (Monday/Tuesday) Night […]

The following is a guest post from Melissa (Gidgetisms).  Melissa lives and writes in Calgary and wants to talk to you a little bit about what winning REALLY is.   So you decided […]

The following is a guest post from Danni (Epic Robot Danni).  Danni is a yet unpublished writer that likes to work on far too many projects at the same time. […]

The following is a guest post from Tiffany (Angelkirb).  Tiffany lives in Calgary. Hewr hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, knitting, and watching a variety of TV shows (which goes better with […]

Hey Wrimotaurs!   So your intrepid MLs are especially on the ball this year.  So much so that we’ve already booked all of the year-round meets!  Here they are:   […]