Dear New Nanoers

The following is a guest post from Epic Robot Danni.  Danni is a yet unpublished writer that likes to work on far too many projects at the same time.  A plotter by nature, she is a huge advocate of figuring out the story before starting to write.  She also has a healthy-ish obsession with stationary.

Dear New Nanoers;

Don’t Panic!

That’s the first thing you need to remember as you begin this crazy month that we call NaNoWriMo. Whether or not you hit your 50,000 words, just starting this challenge is something you can be proud of.

This is a journey. Whether you’ve been planning it for months – carefully tucking away every article of clothing that you might need – or if this is spontaneous, remember that every second of this is an amazing experience that you’ll never forget.

For the planners: There are others out there. I know it feels like there isn’t. A lot of nano is based around the idea that you have no idea where your novel is going. As a planner myself, I’d like to remind you that even though you may have your plan laid out, sometimes you don’t see as clearly as you think you will. Those dark corners can surprise you. Don’t let them stop you. Those surprises can be good for you. Just roll with the changes, even if they make you stray from the plan.

For the pantsers: Remember the ninjas! When you write yourself in to a corner (and, trust me, you probably will) throw in some ninjas and see where you go. You don’t have to keep it in the end, but you never know what you can get from throwing out a random idea. Don’t let yourself get stuck, no matter how far you’ve strayed from your original idea.

And, most of all, don’t forget about the community.

50,000 words is daunting, but you can do it. And if you feel like you can’t do it, find someone – anyone – who is doing the same thing as you, and you will find that you want to keep fighting. Nanoers don’t like to let fellow nanoers quit. Do what you have to in order to keep going. We want you to win possibly even more than you want to win.

For now I’ll leave you to keep packing. Make sure you’re leaving enough room in the car for any novel adjacents you might want to bring along. And don’t be worried about losing you’re way, you’ll be in the middle of a convoy. We’ll keep you on track.


Epic Robot Danni