Book of Tim

Many awesome things define the Calgary Wrimotaurs. The most awesome of all is a participant by the name of Hero, otherwise known as Tim. Years ago, when the region was still led by Karalianne, she was struggling to get her words down. On impulse, Tim suggested that she put him in her novel. With nothing to lose, she did, and she went on to cross the finish line. The following year, moreparticipants joined the trend and added a Tim to their novel. The year after that, participants from all over the world added Tim.

For Calgary Wrimotaurs, adding Tim has become a tradition. Not only do we encourage you to add him, we want to know what you do to him. Submit your excerpt here.


Book of Tim Exerpts

ShiyardiaGariepy, 2012

“Hot, humid air tinged with the smell of rotten fruit was all around Sherry and she could barely breathe. She tried to wave her hands to bring some relief but they were trapped. She was trapped. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t breathe and she couldn’t reach out to Shay, something was terribly wrong. She opened her mouth to scream and nothing came out. She started to feel feint than suddenly her eyes opened and she was staring into the face of a dog sized, pink and purple polka dotted caterpillar.”

We hope the caterpillar’s name is Tim!

Fairysare, 2013

“No heartbeat. She was gone. It was too late before I had arrived to save her life. I fell to my knees, knowing I had failed. Andy walked over closer to me and kneeled down and put his arm around me. He mumbled ‘you did your best. No one will think any less of you for trying. Well at least I won’t think any less of you for trying’.”

Is “she” named Tim?